A Special Wine Glass for a Special Mum

special mum wine glass

If your mum is anything like mine then she will enjoy the occasional glass of wine with friends or after a hard days work. Nothing wrong with that I say, or at least there isn’t unless it turns into a full bottle, haha, only joking mum! Seriously though, whether it’s white or red there is nothing better than relaxing with a chilled glass and it’s here where todays featured gift lays. This gorgeous hand painted wine glass is sure to bring a smile to your mums face whenever she picks up her glass, and as you can see from the image it features the words “special mum” painted in a pearl relief onto two colourful squares. Cute no? Well I think it is and I’m sure your mum would do too, simple add a bottle of her favourite wine and you’re onto a sure-fire winner in the present department!

A little fact for those of you wondering why wine glasses come in so many different shapes and forms, well it’s all to do with getting the best out of the wines taste and aroma as certain glasses emphasise and help to give the aroma a lift, filling the nostrils with each sip from the glass. Cool huh? It was only recently i found this little tidbit of information out for myself so thought I would share it and pretend to be much more knowledgeable about wine than I actually am! Oh and another little wine fact you may have wondered about is to do with why wine glasses have stems? Well, it’s all in the holding you see, as gripping the glass by the stem helps to prevent the temperature of the glass warming from your body heat and adversely effecting the quality and taste of the wine it contains.

So if your mum enjoys the odd tipple with her friends this would make a great little focal point for conversation, not to mention its obvious practical uses and is great for showing off just how much her offspring love her. As you would expect the glass is fully washable and comes in its own little box to keep it safe and secure till the moment it’s needed to drink with, or if your mum prefers it can be added to her collection of stemware. If you’re looking for something truly special then why not slip into the glass tickets for a wine tasting and tour at a vineyard which would turn this gift into something truly, truly special.