A Poetic Photo Frame for Mum

Sometimes the simplest gifts can be the best and indeed the humble photo frame has long been a simple yet extremely popular and well received gift. What we have here however adds a little twist to the standard photo frame and includes a beautiful poem of thanks to the mother in question. Now, i have to admit I’m not normally the poetic type however something about the poem in question caught my eye, not only is it quite beautiful but it captures the feelings one has in mind when giving a present to their mum. Of course, being a photo frame there is plenty of room in it to attach a 4″ x 6″ photo of perhaps a sentimental moment in your mums life, underneath the photo lays the poem in fancy writing. The great thing about this gift is that the poem and photo frame itself fit any occasion whether it’s mothers day, mums birthday or just a general present for mum, simply attach a fave photo and your gift is ready to present.

“Life is a beautiful garden and each mother is a flower,
They bring us joy and happiness, and brighten every hour.
They fill our lives with beauty, with smiles and patience too,
Yet no flower is as treasured and loved as much as you.”

The above is just an extract from this beautifull poem to give you a feel for it, and as i’m sure you will agree it makes a fitting tribute to that most special of people in our lifes, our mums! My daughter recently choose this frame as one of the presents she wished to give to her mum for mothers day this year and i have to say we were both quite pleased with the quality of the item received, the stylish silver frame is backed by a lush black velvet covering which makes it ideal for both hanging on the wall or free standing on a mantlepiece or such. Wherever this gift ends up, it’s sure to being back happy memories each and every time mum casts her gaze over the beautiful words and images.