A Personalised Calendar for the Best Mum in the World

A calendar i hear you say, isn’t that a little bland, well perhaps, however this is by no means any ordinary calendar as its huge range of personal touches help what may initially appear a simple gift, to flourish and become something a little extra special. Whilst normally considered a somewhat traditional gift, this calendar comes with a few neat little twists that elevate it above similar gift calendars. As some of our regular readers will know, I’m a sucker for personalization of gifts and for me, it’s in this area that this calendar truly excels… where to start! Ok, deep breath, here goes… Let me start with the front of the calendar, which incidentally is available in a range of different sizes from a cute little desktop version right on up to A3 in size, but i digress.. Yes, the front of the calendar can be personalised with the name of the mum in question and also your very own message to her. You’ve likely seem similar features on other calendars and indeed this is where most of the personalization options end for most calendars, not this one though!

You see, each month of the year features it’s very own unique image that will have the name of your mum integrated in some fashion onto it, with my personal fave being the princess blowing feathers up into the air and them forming the name of the mum, cute! The name is cleverly added into each image to form a part of it, not simply copy and pasted over the top! Another neat little feature is that you can opt to have the calendar start from any month that you may like, for example you’re not stuck with starting from January next year but instead say your moms birthday is in August you could have the calendar start from august that year and give it to her for her birthday, that way she can start using it straight away and not have it tucked away in a drawer for months till the new year! I thought this was a really sweet idea and certainly adds to the usability of the gift.

The final personalization option available on this beautiful gift calendar is that you may choose up to 6 specific dates to have marked on your chosen calendar. For example you could choose to have your mums birthday, her anniversary, your own birthday, your grans birthday etc all to be marked as memorable dates on your calendar. Again it’s a small thing but I thought it really helped customise the calendar however sadly this option is available only on the A3 calendar although I’m not sure why, I’d have thought you could add it onto some of the other sizes certainly, oh well, it’s still a very sweet touch!

All in all I have to say that I was really impressed with my calendar when Mr Postman delivered it and I’m certain that my mum will love it, again, personalising the gift goes a long way in my book and this calendar has it all in that department!

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