To the Best Mummy Ever, a Mummy Mug!

mummy mug

A traditional yet cute gift for mummy’s all over the world, the mummy mug is still well-loved today and is a great little stocking filler or such, simply add your mums favourite beverage and present to her for a nice little surprise gift. With the large “To the best mummy, ever!” text on the front of the mug being customisable should you prefer mum, mom, or whatever else. You may also add your own personalised message to the back of this mug which is ideal for saying “thanks mum” or perhaps sharing a sentimental thought or two, or even a cheeky joke! Your mum is sure to enjoy this gift for a long time as each time she makes a cuppa tea she’s reminded of the love and appreciation she has from her children. Or, if you opted for the joke, wonder how her little cherubs have become such cheeky monkeys! Whatever personal message you decide to add to your mug gift it’s sure to win a place in her heart.

I recently bought one of these as a little surprise gift for my wife from our daughter and she was quite pleased with it, even though in essence it’s just a mug, i think on this occasion it was very much the thought that counted and indeed mummy is never without her new mummy mug. I may be wrong, but I have a feeling a few other moms in the family will be getting similar mugs in the future which of course I’m sure they will love just as much as my wife. I will keep this one short as the wife is calling for a cuppa in her new mug as we speak! All in all i have to say this is a decent little gift, i mean, it may not cut the mustard for a special occasion but it’s certainly a fun and cute little present to give to the mum in your life, for whatever reason.

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