Mum Keyring

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If your mum is anything like me then she’s always misplacing her keys, sometimes i swear the house deliberately hides them from me, often I’ll put them down in one place only to come back the next day and they’re not there, I swear! Well maybe not, but that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! One thing I did find useful in helping me keep track of them is to add a key ring, whilst I’m not sure if this just makes them easier to spot when searching for them or perhaps to remember where it was that I last left them. Whatever the reason this attractive mum keyring makes a great gifts for mums and of course is suitable themed, with the keyring spelling out MUM in large letters and complete with integrated clock in the U.

The keyring itself is quite solidly built and is silver plated which gives a pleasing look and feel to the keyring and the hefty ring itself has plenty of room for your mum to add as many keys as she may need. I guess this is somewhat of a novelty item and if your mom is into that sort of thing then this could indeed make a great little gift for her. With that said however if the occasion of the gift is something special, then she may be expecting something a little more than a keyring, and whilst we all know it’s the thought that counts, sometimes we do expect a little something more, it’s only human nature sadly!

These type of keyrings are often thought of as souvenirs or novelty items and indeed in some circles as collectibles, so I would suggest it’s quite important to decide whether this is a suitable gift for your mum. If mum loves collectibles or novelty items then great, this could well be her ideal gift, however if the answer is no then you may want to rethink your planned purchase and opt for something a little more suited to her own personal tastes. One idea to spice up this little gift would perhaps be to take it to a jewelers or such and have a little message engraved onto the keyring, something personal that will add to sentimental value of the gift and personalise it that little bit. After all, i always say that the difference between a good gift and a great gift is personalisation.

The integrated clock certainly adds a little something unusual to this keyring and if your mum is fond of such novelty items then great, this could be right up her alley!

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