Grow Your Own Orchid, An Unusual Gift

grow your own orchid

This is certainly an unusual gift and one that will take some years to grow in fruition, if you will forgive the pun! However it’s also one of the more beautiful gifts we’ve seen and is a great suggestion for those mums who have a green finger! This pack comes with seeds and instructions on how to grow your mums very own orchid along with details on registering your custom orchid name on the Exotic Orchid Registry which adds another dimension to this gift. The neat thing about this gift is that it requires the owner to visit the tree on a regular basis to tend to it and hence is sure to bring back fond memories of times gone by with whoever gives this gift.

As mentioned this gift is probably best for those with a liking for gardening in the first place and would be an ideal addition to any garden setting and requires surprisingly little in theĀ  way of care and attention. Just think, give this gift for an upcoming occasion and in a few years time with suitable love and care and your mum has a fantastic orchid of trees to enjoy in the summer bloom. Not to mention all the pleasant memories she’s sure to relive whilst tending to and nurturing this special gift.

With welcome letter, seeds, growing instructions as well as grow bags for the initial stages, this well thought out gift has all you will need to grow your own orchid, whether given to your mum to grow herself or grown in honour of her, it’s a winner! I don’t know about you, but my mum loves spending time in the garden and pottering about taking care of her plants, and this grow your own orchid set made a great addition to the garden and is certain to bring a warm glow to her heart for years to come.

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