Handicrafts, Jewellery and Garden Delights as Gifts for Mothers

gifts for mothers

Mothers are dear and special. If Mother’s Day or her birthday is nearing, then prepare something that you know she will appreciate however Gifts for mothers do not have to be expensive, they just need to come from the heart. Even a simple card is good; but why don’t you add a little twist to it? Make it more special by adding photos, quotes, or poems. Decorate it with ribbons, glitters, and colourful papers. You can also include a personalised message. If you are good at crafts, make a unique photo frame. A scrapbook, a paper mache sculpture, and a painting are other inexpensive yet special gifts.

Flowers, plants, and gardening tools are ideal gifts for mothers too. Most women like red roses, tulips, and carnations. Lilies, orchids, and hyacinths are also fantastic. If your mother enjoys gardening, then she would surely love small plants. Lavender, gardenia, and herbs are amongst the most popular plant gifts for mothers. Herb garden kits, bird feeders, garden ornaments, garden caddy with tools, personalised watering cans, and a basket filled with miniature shovel, seed packets, trowel, and gardening gloves are also great choices.

If you can afford it, why not give jewellery? When choosing jewellery for your mother, however, consider her age, appearance, personality, and preferences. Some of the safest choices are birthstone necklaces, brooches, and handcrafted earrings and bracelets.

If her face is oval-shaped, you can choose almost anything. Women with oval-shaped faces can pull off wearing long necklaces, pearls, diamonds, etc. If her face is round, give angular jewellery that can sharpen her looks. Avoid giving thick beads and chokers as these can make her neck seem short. If she has a square or rectangular face, give jewellery pieces that can soften her appearance such as chokers and button-style earrings. If she has a heart-shaped face, you can give necklaces that can soften the lines and angles of her chin such as chokers. Inverted triangle and tear-shaped earrings would look good on her too.

You may also want to consider giving cookware as most mothers love cooking and pottering around the kitchen. A new set of pots and pans would be greatly appreciated. Personalized aprons, dinnerware, mugs, tea box, and kitchen appliances are also wonderful gifts for mothers. You can even give kitchen decor and lighting fixtures.

Mothers, especially those who stay at home, get tired too. Their bodies become exhausted from the daily grind of cleaning, washing, and cooking and this can lead to stress, especially when taking care of the kids. If your mom is a dedicated housewife, pampering her for a day would be a superb idea. Treat her to the salon or spa. If you are busy and cannot go with her, you can give her a gift certificates instead. Gift certificates for body massages, manicures, and pedicures are wonderful gifts for mothers that are sure to make her smile.

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