Choosing Gifts for the New Mum in Your Life

image of new mum gifts

As you may well know, shopping for new mum gifts can be quite challenging. The question is just what exactly do they need, an expectant mother will already have tons of baby blankets, toys, and clothes from family members. Cribs, strollers, diapers, and cradles are typically covered already as well. So, as a good friend, what exactly can you give her?

Pillows, throw blankets, bathrobes, fuzzy slippers, and even a recliner could be ideal gifts as usually, when a woman gets pregnant, all the gifts she receives are for the baby. So, why not give new mum gifts that are especially for her? Consider buying items that would provide warmth and comfort to pamper the new mum in question.

Pregnancy is wonderful but it tends to become more and more unbearable as it progresses. Back pains and sore muscles are just some of the symptoms that a pregnant woman experiences while on the path to motherhood. Gifts that can offer relief and relaxation are often desirable. You can give gift certificates for pregnancy massages, facials, or manicures and pedicures or other pampering gifts such as belly creams, bath salts, and foot scrubs.

Clothes can make great new mum gifts too as a pregnant woman needs clothes that are about two sizes larger than her usual ones. You can get her comfortable lounging and active outfits which she can wear around the house, when running errands, or when exercising. Cardigan sweaters are excellent choices because they can be worn open when her belly grows bigger.

A lot of people say that music has good effects on an unborn child, apparently it can make them grow brighter, be in a nice mood, and sleep better. Music is also great for expectant mothers because it can help them relax and be at peace in an often chaotic environment. Instrumental music is also ideal for meditation. Hence, why not give CDs of soothing music for the mother and CDs of nursery rhymes and lullabies for the baby?

Another awesome idea for gifts for new mum is a pregnancy journal. It is a book that allows the expectant mother to record her journey through pregnancy. It allows her to capture some of the most amazing moments in her life. She can write down her daily activities, practitioner visits, developments on the baby, and physical changes on her body as well as add pictures in it.

Of course, you can always give books and magazines about babies, pregnancy, and parenting as new mum gifts. A first time mother just cannot get enough of these things because she wants to learn everything about her changing body and parenting. Find books that provide information on baby food, how to stay fit during and after pregnancy, and their sure to be well received. Whatever you decide to give as a present, remember it’s the thought that counts and being there to offer support and help is the most important gift you can give a new mum!

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